Last month I came across the crazy DreamHost API contest and decided to give a try with my Google Gadget for DH API.
Well, to be honest, at the moment of submitting (very close to the deadline), there were just a dozen API tools and a part from the buzzing iPhone & Co. apps, nothing really extraordinary (though very useful).

The day after the deadline, i was quite surprised to see a dozen more apps, with nice and rocking features, so I just stopped hoping of a reward for my gadget.

Now it turns out that the DH guys were so impressed with the efforts everybody put into this competition, that decided to give a $100 DreamHost credit to every participant!
DreamHost $100 Credit
Notice the Account Service Credits payment method, revealing the source of the $100 πŸ˜‰

So, even if $100 credit is not a grand-prize, I have to admit I’m very impressed by this move: thank you to the DH guys! πŸ˜€


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I really don’t understand if Apple and iPhone is all about being trendy and trashing your money (for the customer) and becoming popular and rich with iBeer and iFart (for the developer), or actually doing something useful (well, there must be something useful that gets you rich πŸ˜‰ )

Anyway, it turned out that if you can’t write in Objective-C (and here please allow me to be a bad boy: if you really can’t, i would suggest you go doing something different than a programmer), you may now write iPhone Apps with HTML and Javascript, for a mere $99 using this NimbleKit by VolnaTech.

The whole story feels like it doesn’t fit at all to me! πŸ™
Having just noticed that you may write DHTML fully featured apps using OpenLaszlo or some DHTML libraries/toolkits, it just p*ss me off to see that if you want to make money, you must buy this $99 tookit (seems to me a kind of a bluff).

Hey, I mean no offense to the VolnaTech guys: they’ve been very smart and very hard programmers to make this possible. And I see nothing wrong in making money from your hard working, especially if we’re talking about the iPhone App Store (you can make thousands from iBeer!).

But please, let me explain these simple facts:

  • iPhone does not support Flash (among the thousand other missing features), and this is ok, cause Flash may be so nasty with CPU, battery and users, that it’s not a very bad idea. But this make one think: why that? Something to do with the fact that you will buy Apps?
  • to develop something for the iPhone you must pass thru a Mac, thru a $100 fee and thru the Apple approval (yes, we’re good guys and do not want to jailbreak). Seen the above doubt?
  • iPhone Safari has a native support for DHTML

Now, the only really missing thing for making a DHTML app on iPhone is the offline mode (with the local data storage): otherwise one may just make a 320×240 web page with almost anything possible in it and the result will be exactly the same app as a real one.
Well, given that i don’t know if a DHTML Safari app can handle multi-touch (sure there is a way), of course I don’t know a way to interface the GPS and the Webcam with a web-page (but who knows… maybe there’s a way)

Well, I do not have a Mac (so don’t have XCode and the iPhone SDK), but my idea is: make a simple iPhone App FOR FREE (and even if it’s not for free, jesus, not for $99, but $7.99!).
Make this App in this way:

  • a builtin webpage server
  • one Safari frame
  • a virtual XML storage
  • something like a JavaScript API for interfacing iPhone hardware

This will make it possible to:

  • write a DHTML application
  • add an XML file for keeping data of that (read-writes will be done on the local storage someway)
  • wrap it in a special XML/ZIP/manifest/wathever
  • deliver it to our DiPhone (DHTML-iPhone) App for offline execution and local storage

Easy eh? πŸ˜‰ …and almost free too!

Now i guess Steve is not paying me for this… (well, maybe he read my previous idea)

Ok, for the moment you might just try to make an online DHTML app (without GPS, webcam and local storage) and I belive it will work great πŸ˜€


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