Spiderman helps the bat

March 3rd, 2012

In Summer, we have a lot of mosquitoes, mainly because they’ve been proliferating in our area, but also because we are near to a stream of water and it’s much easier for them to survive.

We’ve been using insecticide products to keep our house surroundings safe, but it’s a loosing battle because mosquitoes are very hard to eradicate and because you’d have to make all the neighbours using those products.

For the moment we are using mosquitoes net for the inside of the house, but the outside at disk an agonizing pain every time.

That’s why we started thinking about bats: they can eat a lot of insects every night and are a bio-friendly solution.
All the stories about drinking your blood or hanging on your hair are just rumors, so they are perfectly safe and they almost don’t make dirt.

Italian bat strains are very small and very friendly, so you just need to put a wooden bat house on a wall or on a tree, that has good visiblity from the sky and you’re done!

Today I wanted to install a bat house on the walls of my house.
The guidelines say it has to be a safe place for our local bats to settle there: at least 2.5m from the ground.

Unfortunately the house also have to remain as far as possible from metallic objects, and I didn’t have a proper ladder to go up 2.5m+ and below the roof.

The only solution was to go up the little piece of roof over the first floor and use a ladder someway to go upper.
After all it was too dangerous (a ladder on a roof?), so I actually had to ask the Spiderman to hang on the wall, go up a couple of meters, drill a hole and fix the bat house where all the requirements where met:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Safe for the bats
  • Easy to watch
  • Far from metallic gutters and from the ground

And there is the first bat house of the neighbourhoods 🙂

Hope someone finds it useful!


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